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The Moon Cup® menstrual cup is made of soft, non-latex, medical grade silicone. Introduced in 2006, The Moon Cup is innovative, economical, comfortable, and environment-friendly.

Visit the Usage and Care page to learn how to use The Moon Cup. The Moon Cup is FDA-approved and proudly Made in America.

To order the Moon Cup, visit the Ordering Online page


INTRODUCING THE MOON CUP®, made from medical-grade silicone, for all women, but especially for those with an allergy to latex rubber.

ATTENTION! Do NOT boil or use any chemicals at any time on either The Keeper or on our Moon Cup! To learn why, go here.
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Listen to our interview with Suzan Hutchinson about her experience as a survivor of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Simple to use, The Moon Cup is an innovative feminine hygiene product that is worn internally, freeing women from dependency on cumbersome, uncomfortable, expensive, paper-based products. Economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly, reusable menstrual cups are attractive alternatives to other feminine hygiene products. Made by a woman for women, The Moon Cup (medical-grade silicone) is FDA-approved and Made in America.

If you'd rather have a menstrual cup that is made from natural gum rubber, as opposed to silicone, a man-made material, please order The Keeper.